telehealth appointment with doctor Especially often there is a complete blockade of the right leg of the bundle of His (see Heart block). The course of dilantin stage of Chagas disease is long. Gradually, heart failure progresses, leading, as a rule, to death. Learn More green brush stroke Blue brush stroke woman speaking with child Cases of sudden death from acute heart failure have also been described, which may be caused by ventricular fibrillation, thromboembolism, or a ruptured heart aneurysm. Frequent manifestations of Chagas disease in the chronic stage are changes in the digestive tract with the expansion of its departments. Learn More green brush stroke Blue brush stroke stressed man in therapy session Urgent Psych Care In this case, there are pains in the abdomen, swallowing disorders, bloating, constipation. Learn More Blue brush stroke green brush stroke Treatment gives positive results mainly in the acute stage of phenytoin. Apply preparations containing quinoline derivatives (primaquine, quinocide, arsenobenzosulphate). Symptomatic treatment mainly consists in the appointment of cardiac drugs. Complete recovery is rare. Timely treatment in the acute stage of the disease contributes to its more favorable course and reduces mortality to 10%. In the chronic stage, only treatment started when the initial symptoms of heart failure appear is effective.
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    Causes of Scheuermann-Mau disease Symptoms of Scheuermann-Mau disease Diagnosis of Scheuermann-Mau disease Treatment of Scheuermann-Mau disease Forecast.

    This disease is characterized by a progressive curvature of the spine at the level of Dilantin or lower back and chest during a period of intensive bone growth. This often happens in adolescence - 14-16 years. In this case, the upper body leans forward, which forms a hump.

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    Doctors consider it normal to have a slight curvature of the thoracic region, which today is often found in people, especially those leading a sedentary image. Normally, the spine has 4 compartments where bends occur, which help in depreciating the body during movement. However, with kyphosis (torso tilt of more than 40 degrees), this condition is considered painful.

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    Scheuermann-Mau disease is noted when the torso is tilted from 45 to 75 degrees, with a change in the load on the vertebrae. They change their height from the front, and from behind they continue their development, leading to a stoop. Here, the phenytoin ridges and thickening of the ligaments, leading to a wedge-shaped deformity.

    The prevalence of the disease is 1-5% for all adolescents. More often observed in the male half than in women.

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    Doctors cannot accurately speak about the causes of Scheuermann-Mau disease, however, they put forward assumptions, among which are: Genetic predisposition is the most common cause. If the parent has the disease in question, then the child also has it. Spinal injuries during intensive bone development. Impaired arterial blood supply, which does not allow the vertebral bodies to develop normally.

    The end plates between the vertebral discs and vertebrae die, the growth of bone tissue is disrupted, and a characteristic wedge-shaped deformity is formed. Osteoporotic processes in the spine. Osteoporosis provokes a decrease in bone mass, which contributes to the loss of strength of the vertebrae. In this case, compression microfractures appear, which lead to kyphotic deformity.

    Causes of Scheuermann-Mau disease.

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Excessive development of dilantin tissue in some vertebral bodies with insufficient process in others. Anatomical disorders or dysfunction of the paravertebral muscles. Because of this, the load on the spine changes, which leads to kyphotic curvature. Incorrect development of connective tissue and vertebrae, which acquire a triangular shape, which distorts the spine. The deposition of calcium salts in excess in the anterior ligament, due to which it is stretched and wrinkled, which distorts the spine.

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Factors contributing to the curvature of the spine are a long stay in one position, especially if the load on the column is incorrect, and weight loss, due to which the muscles cannot hold the spinal column. Due to the causes of development, the types of curvature of the spine are divided: Postural kyphosis (postural kyphosis) - occurs often in girls. Associated with bad posture.  

Scheuermann's kyphosis, which develops at the age of 10-15 more often in boys. There is often a genetic predisposition to the disease. May be accompanied by the development of scoliosis. Congenital kyphosis - is formed during the development of the fetus or during the growth of the baby. There is a fusion of some vertebrae, which also affects the ability to move around (parallegy develops).

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It is not difficult to determine the development of Scheuermann-Mau's disease by eye, since it manifests itself in special symptoms: Deformation of the spine, which forms a hump at the back. The upper body leans forward, making a bend at chest level. Rapid fatigue in the back. Dull drawing pain, aggravated by physical exertion and in the evening, and localized in the chest region. Stiffness in the spine. Discomfort and discomfort in the thoracic region of the spine.

The disease develops slowly. The child may feel discomfort in the back with various loads and prolonged sitting. Only over time, parents can note scoliosis, the appearance of a hump (stoop) in a child. Difficulties arise with bending and extending the back.

Over time, a hump forms from the side of phenytoin pills, and the person is tilted in front, which is accompanied by disturbances in breathing and heart function. The patient constantly feels discomfort, especially at night. The disease has stages of its development: Orthopedic (latent), which is noted at the age of 8-14 years. The child may not complain of some back pain during physical exertion. Perhaps the appearance of the first vertebral curvature, as well as low mobility of the column. Early neurological pathologies, which manifests itself in 15-20 years. The patient complains of pain in the back in the lumbar and thoracic regions, in the abdominal muscles due to compression of the roots.

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Late neurological manifestations occurring after 20 years. People have constant pain in the thoracic and lumbar regions, which radiates to the chest and limbs, and the sensitivity of the affected nerves is also disturbed. There are secondary degenerations in the form of intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis, ossifying ligamentosis, spondylarthrosis, structural hyperlordosis. Elderly patients develop atherosclerosis of the aorta, myelopathy of the cervical and thoracic regions.

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The doctor must diagnose Scheuermann-Mau's disease and separate it from other forms of curvature of the spine. Several procedures help with this.

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First, the doctor collects an anamnesis about lifestyle, the presence of a genetic predisposition, injuries, and other factors that could contribute to the development of the disease.

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Then an external examination is carried out, palpation of the vertebrae, pain and obvious deformities are noted. Diagnostics includes:

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Test for the study of neurological functions. Detection of deformation in the area of ​​at least 3 vertebrae indicates Scheuermann's disease.

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Scheuermann-Mau disease does not give unambiguous predictions.

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It all depends on the effectiveness of treatment and the timeliness of its implementation. The functions of internal systems are affected, therefore, in patients, life expectancy is significantly shortened.

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Medicines to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Physiotherapy to reduce pain. Surgical treatment when pins and metal plates are used to strengthen the spine.

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Depending on the form of the disease, in order to prevent the development of complications, the treatment of Scheuermann-Mau disease is carried out in two directions: Conservative (non-aggressive) treatment: Back massage to improve blood circulation, as well as increase muscle tone. Therapeutic exercise with a trainer to increase muscle tone and restore the muscle frame. Swimming, walking, cycling are suitable here. Manual therapy by influencing the spine with rubbing, pressure, etc.

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